In my dreams, anything is possible. Yes, I can do almost anything.  I fly.  My golf clubs are a violin bow and a long spaghetti noodle.  Super models find me irresistible.


And then … I begin to awaken.  So this is my glimpse of what it must feel like to live with a horrible reality.


First, the shrill ringing in my ears begins, heralding a new day and its unfriendly truths.  Soon my shoulders and left arm begin to ache, echoing the message, which is this:  Your day will be soon be filled with many sorts of pain and annoyances.  There will be headaches.  Your brain will easily grow tired.  Wrong words will come out of your mouth.  Without warning, you will go spacey and distant from those around you. Reading, noise and light and socializing might cause your mind to protect itself in an imaginary cocoon. Your shoulders and neck will grow tight.


Sigh.  I allow myself a few moments of self-pity. Reality can be so hard.  Yet, I know that millions awaken to crueler truths.  Perhaps hunger, or cancer, or paralysis, or ALS, or the death of someone dearly loved. That itself is sort of an awakening.


Attitude is everything, pick a good one. [1]


Resolved, this day, to do what I can to heal.

To practice patience, humility, grace and compassion.

To eschew bitterness, contempt, anger, regret.

To balance mindfulness and productivity.

To balance rest and activity.

To grow and learn from whatever this day brings.


Arise, you human: Dream and seize the day! Anything is possible!


Joe Girard © 2014


[1] Attributed to Wayne Dyer

One thought on “Awakening”

  1. Robert Wootten

    I am lucky to be alive
    But we must live to be alive
    What does it mean to live?
    I believe to be in the present!
    What do I see, smell, hear?
    Do I have someone or something
    To touch and love?
    I want to share life!
    If not how can I go forward ?
    The past is gone
    The present is the future
    I create therefore I am!

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