Carolina Beach

Carolina Beach

An Empty Porch


An Empty Beach

   Salty Breeze

An Empty old handmade pine

   Rocking Chair

Keeps double time to the blasts that

   Toss the hair.



Grass a-wavin’

    In the sand

We’re all alone

   Take my hand

Taste Life’s gifts that come to us

    Smell the Salt

Feel the Ocean’s life-breaths that never

   Ever halt.



But Life is short

   So fleeting.

And Life is good

   Hearts beating.

Like the numb sea, keeping time

   Endless waves

Steady pace we tramp our way

   To our graves



The chair is aged

    Grown too old,

Timeless sea beach

   Ever bold.

Cracking seat holds no one anymore

   Fulfilled life

The goddess of sea says: Move along

   No more strife


For chair or me

   For chair or me


… rocking chair

… toss the hair

… smell the salt

… never halt

… Endless waves

To our graves.

… Fulfilled life

… no more strife

Feel it wane…

… no more pain.

Joe Girard © 2001

This was composed while standing on a very cold windy beach in Myrtle Beach, in March 2001.  I felt very old at the time.