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My Head, OK

(With Apologies to Messers Rogers and Hammerstein)


I’m so glad that I don’t have a headache

All day I’ve hardly had a headache.

I’m feeling so lucky that I feel so fine —

Looks like Joe’s finally enjoying his mind.


O what a beautiful evening!

O what a beautiful day!

I’ve got a beautiful feeling, the whole weekend will continue this way!

O what a beautiful day!

O, the grinding and pounding returneth.

The grinding and pounding returneth.

I’ll just have to greet them with a wink and a sigh.

A capetenter’s awl is stuck behind my eye.

O ’twas a beautiful evening!

O ’twas a beautiful evening.

Closing my eyes to imagine fine sights! We can have a beautiful night.

Oh what a beautiful night.

O what a Beautiful Morning — Stage Recording