Rand’s Rant

An overwelming majority of the elected legislators in DC are trained professionally as lawyers.  That alone should terrify us.  Among them are a very few radical outliers, and there are even three physicians in the Senate.  Yes, medical doctors!  They are all Republicans (Coburn-OK, Barraso-WY, Paul-KY).  Young Dr. Paul, the junior senator to Mitch McConnell in Kentucky, made quite a splash yesterday, and I’m not quite sure yet what to make of it.

For me personally, I’ve distilled Rand Paul’s little filibuster fun-ride down to this, a paraphrase of Tim Stanley.

— It has turned logic around.  The Democratic president is now the “agent of authoritarianism” and a few Republicans, led by young libertarian leaning (or now sometimes called Liberty Republicans) firebrands are the defenders of individual freedoms and rights.

If Republicans were to swing hard to individual liberty, and reduced state militarism, they could execute a surprising flanking maneuver … and save the party (mostly from themselves).

[Speaking of Republican doctors, is anyone following the phenomenal Dr. Ben Carson? Dude really is a brain surgeon!]

A good article here, in the American Conservative.