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Hello fellow readers of Joe’s Girardmeister blog.

My name is Aaron, his eldest son. I’ve been asked for a while to do some sort of guest essay, but unfortunately I have to start today under some undesirable circumstances. Hopefully it will continue with some other thoughts and musings, but for now my role is set to messenger.

On May 1st, 2014, Joe was involved in a car crash while stopped at a stoplight in Boulder. He was hit from behind in his brand new Nissan Altima, which he had not even had the pleasure of filling the tank on, considering he’d had it for 167 miles and less than 5 days. Fortunately, the car did exactly what it was supposed to do and crumpled according to the designed specs; the driver’s seat even broke to take some of the impact force.  It was quite overwhelming to see the photos of the site and cars, considering the fact he was hit at an estimated 45 MPH, but we were all happy to see that he seemed healthy and relatively undamaged. He went to the hospital and had a few X-rays done to check some bruised areas for breaks, but the diagnosis was an all clear. We all counted our blessings and were happy to write the car off as long as we had a healthy dad and husband.  As you readers may know, he is no stranger to car crashes. Even during the accident he was coherent and knew he was getting hit, so we all felt comfortable that he knew what he was feeling and was healthy.

Shortly after heading home from the hospital, however, a bump on the left side of his forehead started to rise. About four days later, the uncomfortable headaches and sensitivity to light arose. It quickly became apparent that he’d had a head injury and something needed to be done, probably fast.  I immediately decided to go to my apartment, pack my car, and take the 14 hour drive from Houston to Colorado to help out at home, because the stress levels were rising and that was the last thing that he needed to deal with.  I just had to make sure I drove safe through the storm in north Texas and get home safely, which I did. During my drive, a CT scan was done in Boulder, leading to a probable diagnosis of a traumatic brain injury. This was news that we realized would be the beginning of a big challenge, and I was glad that I had the ability to be there and assist with anything I can do for my father.

In any case, it will be a while until we see a new essay from Joe.  He’s been told to relax, not exercise, stay calm, and sleep as much as necessary to allow his brain to heal itself. The next weeks will be a challenge, because he is generally very active both physically and mentally, and both of those things are not desirable during this recovery period. I’ll be around and taking notes on everything, and hopefully allowing him to dictate thoughts and stories, so you avid readers hopefully won’t go thirsty for lack of essays and musings. For any of you who have been enjoying these musings, as I have, we will gladly be accepting guest essays and will post them here.

For now, we wish you much love and happiness. Please drive safe, count your blessings, and enjoy the company of your family and friends. Anything can happen at any time.



8 thoughts on “Joe Out”

  1. Steve Rolfe


    Thanks for the update! You are a wonderful son.

    Your dad is in our thoughts and hearts. Take care.

    Uncle Steve

  2. Lee Webb

    Thanks for filling in for Joe, Aaron, and filling us in on the details of Joe’s condition. I had no idea it could be so serious. We’re all pulling for Joe and all of you in this tough time. Thank goodness Joe will have the best of care and be surrounded by his loving family — the very best medicine. Best of luck, Joe, Aaron & Audrey — what a great family — now, get well, Joe!

  3. Gil Guiterrez

    Hi Aaron

    Good work.

    Did your Dad make it to your brother’s graduation? Probably not?

    One of my uncle’s favorite sayings was “anything can happen”.

    If he wants to not do too much thinking or physical activity tell him to come to Fort Wayne and he’ll blend right in.

    Tell your Dad Gil says hello, and to keep us abreast,original recipe.


  4. Jodene

    Heard about your post Aaron. Glad you are home to help out! Hugs to all of you and we’re thinking positive thoughts for the healing time ahead for Joe. Not an easy task to rest and do very little I’m sure.

    All our love,
    Aunt Jodene

  5. John Beach

    Aaron; Our thoughts and prayers are with you and the rest of the family as you travel the path in the weeks ahead. Give my best wishes to Joe. – John

  6. marcy

    Hey aaron, I’m one of joes coworkers and fans, outatown but back Wed. Use us, leverage us. Food, errands, whatever. We’re here.

  7. Brian Buchholtz

    I heard the news at work only yesterday. Thanks for the update Aaron, and thanks for helping out.

    Joe, I look forward to your speedy recovery and seeing you arrive at work driving your next new car.

    Take care, Brian

  8. Elle Rolfe

    Aaron, so glad you could come quickly and stay a while. Audrey keeps me up to date. but Mother’s and Grandmothers never cease to worry! I love you all, my constant positive thoughts are with you.

    love always, Omi

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