Random stuff: Apology, this site and general status

1) I do not wish to bother anyone.  If you are not reading my posts (and if you are not forwarding them), please let me know.  I’ll delete you from distribution.

2) My apologies to anyone who tried to read my latest post (Meet Louie’s Woman) or access my site between last Thursday evening 1/29/2015 and late Saturday night, 1/31/2015.

The post was not up to standard.  Typos, poor formatting, difficult to read, and images missing or misplaced. I’ll blame it on being “out of practice” since I spent so much time on my back over the last 6 weeks since the knee replacement surgery.  I guess I need an editor.  I’ll pay ten times what I get for this. <grin>

I did, perhaps, focus on too many details, including (if I say so myself) at least two very clever work choices in the section Louie, part deux.

I still have no idea how bullets and subparagraphs will show up.  Need to study some more, I guess.

Also, my site has been running horribly slow.  Sometimes it takes a minute, or more, to load.  Sometimes it just times out.  Sorry.

I’ll be making a call to GoDaddy soon.  This slowness issue also seems to be a recurring problem with other users of WordPress, which I generally use to manage each post.

And, most disturbingly, some security software I run indicates that I get hundreds of hack attempts daily.  Little old moi.  My site also gets blasted with bursts of hits with no apparent pattern.  Most seem to come from “dangerous” countries — where I believe IP addresses have been “borrowed” — Ukraine, Russia, China.  Heavy traffic can slow a site and I’m not sure what to do about that.

I cannot understand why this site would be a target for anyone. One supposes it’s just that there are so many malicious people in the world with little else to do but cause problems for others.

Anyhow, thanks for your patience.

3) For those wondering. My knee recovery is proceeding well and — if my doctor and therapists are to be believed — ahead of schedule.  I’m a star.  But it’s not fast enough for me. If you know me, that’s not a surprise. I return to one of my favorite prayers.

Dear God, please grant me patience.
Give it to me right now! Dammit!

It is a lifelong struggle.

I can now walk up to a mile and half while feeling only a bit tired and wobbly toward the end.  It still feels like some sort of experiment from Dr Frankenstein’s laboratory.

[With apologies to Mary Shelley, wife of Percy Shelley, who wrote most of that tale (“Frankenstein; or, the new Prometheus“) during the summer of 1816 — the year without a summer — almost 200 years ago.]

Sometimes when I walk, I feel like Peter Boyle playing the monster in the 1974 Mel Brooks classic movie “Young Frankenstein” with the super heavy boots… before he learned to dance.

Quick: What comes after “Frau Blücher”? And why, or why not, does it follow?

Anyhow, I can cruise at about 1.5 miles per hour.  Which is also a good speed for Nimitz; the faithful old Admiral is getting close to 13.  I no longer use a cane, but I like to keep it handy.  Just in case.

As a positive by-product: I’ve lost about 8 or 9 pounds and at least an inch off my waist.  If I don’t wear a belt, I’m a “sagger.”  No booze and lots of P/T daily seems to be the trick.  Also, lots of water and lean meat.

Thanks for your good wishes and prayers.

4) Traumatic Brain Injury recovery.
I still get 10-20 headaches a day.  Most are light and only a few minutes long.  This is an improvement.  I can focus and “be Joe” almost all of each day.

Recently I’ve noticed that there is some positive response to ibuprofen and naproxen.  This is a very good sign.

Thanks again for your good wishes and prayers.

I appreciate it.

The resting has been great, but it’s been a long time, and I’m itching to get back to work and being part of society again.

Well, I’m a-gettin’ a headache, so time to sign off.



Joe Girard (c) 2015

8 thoughts on “Random stuff: Apology, this site and general status”

  1. #5

    The horses w/ the neighh sound but Teri Garr w “knockers” is better. I saw that movie w Rich Cristante in Skokie. 1974?

    1. Joe Post Author

      Yes little Don. ah, 1974 …Madeline Kahn and Peter Boyle … we lost them young. Like Gilda Radner … must be a curse of being around Gene Wilder. Marty Feldman & Clevon Little too.

  2. Carmen


    I did not have any trouble with your site. I get hacked or hack attempts in Google Email only. I don’t write anything interesting! I looked into my security and found the hacks from all over the world mostly China, Ukraine, etc. I get money laundering job offers constantly; however, I think I put a stop to that this weekend!

    I enjoy your stories did not notice the typos etc. I skim them though because I spend lots of hours reading lots of stuff so sometimes I have to skim. I successfully drive my husband nuts when I skim his texts.

    I am recovering from the flu/cold. It has lasted 3 weeks even after a flu shot. I am going to start exercising more too. I think I prefer the desert over the snow and cold.

    I hope your head gets better and sounds like your knee is healing as well. Soon you will be at work and see maybe it was better to rest and recover!

    Talk to you later!


    1. Joe Post Author

      O Carmen. Flu sucks. Take care of yourself> Where’s your office? I’ll try to swing by for a chat. Be well. — Joe

  3. Lee Webb

    Joe, you (and your stories) just get better all the time. And your stock pickin’ ain’t bad, either. Keep it all up, and TTFN back atcha. You’re gonna be 100% soon, won’t THAT be great?

  4. Connie Williard

    I am glad that you are doing better. They just had that movie on last week and watched it with my son Derek (now 32). It was great. Why don’t they make movies like that anymore.


  5. Cheri Hoffer

    Thanks for the essay about Harper Lee. I’ve been on and off a few pages of your site. I didn’t know about the knee replacement; only the brain injury. I hope to see you back at an INC meeting sooner than later!

    Still in love with Atticus, Cheri

  6. Eleanor Rolfe

    I just got around to reading this, don’t know why I skipped it early this month. I do enjoy your blogs, and loved Aaron’s musings.
    Glad you are so much better and back to work half days.
    Love as usual, Elle

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