To My Father

What is a Father?

Webster says: “ a male parent …”, how dry!

  What a barren prosaic definition!

     How can we frame it better?

Is it an assignment?  Or something some men try?

  Perhaps a chosen task or mission?

    Or is Fatherhood one’s fetter?


“The man who supplements,” one could say,

   “To balance the parental role of mother”

      Also this attempt is lacking.

“One who instructs in the masculine way”,

   Is the response of yet another

      Whose pillars have suffered cracking.


I know that care was used and haste eschewed

   Constructing this building from the very start.

      In witness it stands on, weathering strife.

The corners were squared with love and trued

   With the tools of a brave and loyal heart.

      Dad, you laid the cornerstone of my life.


With Love,



I love my dad.  I thought maybe a poem would be a nice thing to do for Father’s Day.  This poem was intended to show craftsmanship and discipline (a strict attention to structure) as well as creativity (an A-B-C-A-B-C rhyme in each stanza), as a reflection of the example my dad set for his children.