60 years on: Remembering the forgettable, the forgotten

The pudgy, pernicious, impetuous, spoiled little brat president of North Korea is behaving impertinently. Yet again.  No great surprise.  It does serve to remind us, though, of the forgotten war — the Korean War.


Dennis Rodman, World Diplomat

According to Dennis Rodman, it could all be fixed if President Obama would just sit down and talk with Kim, with no pre-conditions.  Interestingly enough, this is is the same strategy then-candidate Obama espoused in 2008: talking with the other of the world’s two most notorious rogue states, Iran.  How’d that work out?

Little brat has recently reminded us — by his bombast and saber rattling — that the Korean War never really ended, and he’s right.  Ike had a big chest himself, earned as Supreme Head of the Allied Forces (SHEAF) in Europe during War War II.  But in reality he was a very, very cautious man.  When he took office in 1953 he visited Korea (fulfilling a campaign promise), and what he saw showed the cautious leader that the costs of continued fighting would be much  too dear.  He pushed hard for an armistice, and Russia (recently relieved of Stalin’s pugnacity) was ready to pull back.  China went along and the cease fire was signed — 60 years ago.  But not a peace treaty.

Now the spoiled brat reminds us that the state of war still exists, and has declared the 1953 cease fire null and void.

President Kim

President Kim

Nonetheless, the President hasn’t done nothing in response to Spoiled Brat’s chest thumping.  Stealth B-2 bombers flew non-stop all the way from Missouri to the west coast of the tiny peninsula last week, for a bomb-drop demonstration on small a un-populated group of islands regularly used for live explosive target practice.  A non-stop bombing run from almost halfway around the world, and then returning, non-stop — seems pretty darn impressive but it’s actually just another practice run for the USAF.  Take that!, you pompous, pudge-faced little  twerp.

This was an appropriate response.  I’m not sure what else we can do at this point. North Korea has broken every pledge they’ve ever made.  To attack them would put South Korea’s 50 millions at great risk, not to mention the already-fragile world economy — Seoul is only 35 miles from the DMZ, and NK has many missiles already dialed in, some reportedly could be armed with tactical nukes.

This week President Obama helped us remember the Korean War in another way.  Let us not not forget the legions of heroes, those who gave unselfishly to help protect a land of different-looking people a long, long way from home.  This week Father Emil Kapaun’s nephew received the Medal of Honor on his uncle’s behalf.

Here, I’ll devote the remainder of this column to Krissah Thompson of the Washington Post, as she describes Father Kapaun’s heroism, his unselfish commitment to his fellow men, and his death.  (hyperlink to Ms Thompson’s article above.).


Joe Girard (c) 2013